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This is Doge, and he wants to talk frontend. Cool devs aka industry experts from Google, Microsoft, Babel and many more give live talks with Q&A sessions.
2 talks per month. One hour each. Ongoing learning at your fingertips that keeps you fresh.


Online talks with top notch speakers

It's like an infinite conference on your couch

How does it work?

2 unique talks per month
1+ hour duration of each
Live Q&A session
Speakers with first-hand expertise
You ask, speaker answers at Q&A

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You watch content in HD format (1080p) on our web platform. We email you the access right before the talk.

Live Q&A session follows the talk — you ask questions in comments, speaker answers in real-time.

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you're a frontend developer
curiosity hasn't killed your cat
to feel fun and have smart — or the other way around
new knowledge stimulates dopamine (true story!)

Secret Sauce

For your pleasure, Doge invites guest stars to give online talks and answer your questions.

They're people with outstanding expertise or exciting achievements. Modest heroes of frontend world. Btw, if you're one of them, drop us a line.

The Team

Roman Sevastyanov – hooman founder. Covers tech stuff. Fullstack with 7 years in software development.
Stacy Pavlyshyna – another hooman founder. Takes Doge for a walk — business people call it marketing.
Stas Tykhonko – some might call him designer, but we call Stas a groomer.
Doge – soul and tentacles of the project. He protects our sense of humor.

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