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Learn how to make fast websites from Google expert

The faster a site is, the more people use it — and the more money it earns. That's why web performance becomes more and more important.

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online talk with Q&A session

The speaker is ...

Together with Addy Osmani from Google, Ivan made a web performance guide for webpack.
JS developer, worked with Google, EPAM, Rock Content and many more
helps businesses earn more by optimizing their web apps and sites.
founder of 3perf.com — a performance consulting agency

Ivan worked with

Fat Llama

Building quick apps in 2019

Web performance is important, and it directly affects your app. So, let's see how to build a performant app in 2019: what metrics are the most important, what approaches we should use and what tools can help us with all this stuff.

The faster a site is, the more people use it — and the more money it earns.

Talk Plan

Why performance is important. How it affects product metrics and users, with numbers, links and examples.

Why is performance important?


Minification. Code splitting. Async and defer. How scripts block parsing. How to optimize your script dependecies.


How to optimize your CSS code. Critical CSS.


Minification of HTML code. How Gzip reduces data by 60–80%. Compression using Brotli. CDN and what preload resources are.


Which format to choose? SVG, PNG or JPG? Image compression hacks.


And the last section on optimizations: fonts. Font fallback. font-display CSS tricks.


We'll review top notch web perfomance tools and how to use them.

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Speaker with first-hand expertise
1+ hour
April, 20th
4pm EDT / 7pm PDT

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Yes, no worries. You can request a refund before the talk and even 7 days after. Contact us at wow@doge.codes. Our payments are secured by WayForPay payment system.
Who are you?
We are the team of doge.codes. Earlier we've been doing online programming courses in CIS region. Now we are launching Doge Talks — it's like Netflix for developers.
Are there any other talks planned?
Yes, we're in the middle of negotiation process with several great speakers. They will be announced soon on the main page. Right after we get the results of the first shot, we gonna announce the new ones.
If you want to hear someone/something in particular, please, email us with the ideas. Doge team is open for suggestions!
How can I ask my questions to the speaker?
The talk is going to be live streamed. You watch it online and ask questions in comments. Speaker can answer directly during the stream or afterwards in comments.
What if I am not available at the time of the talk?
No problem, you still get the recorded video of the talk that you can watch anytime. We suggest to be present as you can ask questions right away. If you miss it out, your questions can be answered in comments.

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